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    • as much as i would love to edit this and spice it up,i will say this I have never met a staff more supportive (or it's supporters) than on this server it's a great community and would be terrible if people just started droppin out of here like flies i enjoy the people and they work as a team should!
    • Not a problem you've been a huge help even tho i'm an idiot on forums lol
    • Thanks for the kind words!
    • As far as i've seen frosty the owner along with other owners dessoir and itsrobin have been great i enjoy actually talking to frosty especially when i log on frostys always been helpful to me and others konvict was also very helpful helping me get to the right place on forums (i never use forums except on here now normally so sorry i'm illiterate anymore with them haha)  as I continue to grow in this server and community i'll review others 
    • Name: Robert   In-Game Username: Deathz anqel   Age:26   Country & Timezone (Include GMT): America EST Average time played per day? 1-2 hours  What days of the week are you available to play? any (mostly) When did you join Os-base? About a week ago Have you had any breaks from playing the server since joining? when working or at girlfriends house yes. What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? i was a staff member awhile back on a few other servers nothing but love for me Why do you want to be a Os-base staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) I feel over the years of my experience with people and years of experience with real world situations it would be a great oppertunity to be a member and teamate of this community i may not be able to be on 24/7 but i do enjoy the little rest and relaxation of a private server and just a good community ingeneral i would love to honestly learn coding and possible be a huge help later in the community by adding new things or just coming up with some code for others to possibly help fix bugs or just add new things into the community and while yes i have a busy life i do get on as often as possible but even when i'm away i'm still thinking of what to do next or how i can help the next person in line i'm a very trusted person and pride myself on the trust i can earn with people overall the i'm pretty relaxed and chill people tend to like me pretty easily and helping is literally my everyday job i help the clients i come in contact with all the time with new technology or just random dumb questions i get but the principle of this is I help ALL the time no matter the situation i'm always there and i'm even willing to give my real life phone number to allow people to text me whenever or just if they need me to talk to or might have a problem i can resolve without the hastle later that's why i think i would be great for this position on your (our as a team) server What are the top 5 qualities that you think a Os-base staff member should have Trust,Friendliness,supportive,team oriented (without a team how can you even work effectively?), and leadership skills Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? No If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason:   If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? of course. Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): My names robert my hobbies are gaming and gaming research (love diving into it all) and collecting anything legend of zelda based! I currently work for one of the top technology retailers in the US BestBuy i work in their home theater section i'm 26 years young skinny as fuck (lol) i've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for nearly 5 years (almost time to settle down with her ;)) a very trusted person you need something transed i can do it never really been one to get in trouble i like keeping to myself but if people need me i'm there and if you have any other questions i would be greateful to answer them for ya  just ask away and i'll answer...thanks Deathz If you were a helper..... If i was a helper i believe i would do great things in helping and working as a team member not just a loner  i'm constantly trying new things and innovating my life to try to make it better.