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Server Updates 30-05-2017

Date: 30 May 2017

Server Updates 30-5-2017

- We've changed the health of Wildywyrm boss to 6k.
- We made a ::wildywyrm command which you can use when a Wildywyrm spawns.
- Wildywyrm spawns every 45minutes now instead of every hour.
- We changed the location of ( Zeke ) the weapon shop to home so everyone can find it.
- The skotizo bug is fixed it was respawning every 30 seconds that's fixed to 1 hour same for the other ( Wildy boss events ).

Server Updates 28-05-2017

Date: 28 May 2017

Server Updates 28-5-2017

- We've fixed a dung and a FFA exploit with ::pos.
- We have made FFA 1 vs 1 instead of a multi zone.
- Skotizo boss is fixed too.
- We have added a new boss in the wildy ( Wildywyrm ) it drops alot of good stuff, it is in a multi zone so watch out when you're going there. Heads up : NOT ALLOWED TO USE KATANA OR ENERGY SWORD VS IT.
More new content updates are coming soon!

Server Updates 21-05-2017

Date: 21 May 2017

Server Updates 21-5-2017

- We have added a new minigame called Free for all ( ::ffa ) basically everyone is being dropped in a area with the same armour and items and have to fight to each other and the last man who stays a live wins!

- We're finally done with a new boss called crazy archeologist and we also have released crazy scientist.
- We've removed the (t) icon near the minimap since it wasn't working.
- We have changed the icon of the owners, helpers and developers.


Server Status 30 Online

World: 1 [Main Eco]Online (30)

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